The learning portal "The Unwanted" offers information and working moduls for the civic and political education on forced migration and "ethnic cleansing" in the 20th century in Europe (in German).

The interdisciplinary project “Memory, Culture and Art: Remembrance and Dealing with the past after 1989” opens a dialogue between arts, culture and science on discourses and politics of individual and collective memories in post-socialist Europe after 1989.

The Migration History Program started out in 1997 and has grown rapidly since then. The programme actively takes part in teaching and research at University of Stavanger and collaborating institutions.

The offers informations about forced migration in the 20th century in Europe. The focus is on memories of migrants and refugees with different experiences of expulsions and "ethnic cleansing" from Greece and Turkey in the 1920s, Poland and Germany in the 1940s and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1990s (in German).

FES-Net-Source: History and Politics is an online service of the library of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung - one of the world's largest special research library which contains more than 660,000 volumes with a focus on collections in the field of history of the labour movement, social and contemporary history: Past and presence of the German and international labour movement, German and international social and contemporary history, current publications by political parties and trade unions in Germany and selected countries.

The Nationlism Project offers informations on the debates about nations and nationalism:how to define  the terms "nation" and "nationalism" , about when nations first appeared and how nations and nationalism developed.