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European City, Website on integration

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Trainings seminar in Warsaw, 2006

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Amnesty International Berlin

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Training seminar in Berlin, 2006



The selected “Good Practices Projects” of MIGRATION CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION aim at promoting human rights of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants by providing types of examples of excellent initiatives that work in the field of human rights education and european citzenship education.
 Calling activities “good practices” suggests that they should be replicated, that ideas can and should be generated from them, and that they can and should contribute to advocating and policy making.

Target group

The selected “Good Practices Projects” addresses teachers and students in public and private educational institutions, activists of non-govermental organisations and experts in politics, economic and cultural affairs.

Selected good practices projects

The  main aim of this projects is to transfer knowledge from theory to practice and to offer informations, learning materials and methods in the field of migration, human rights, immigration societies and diversity in Europe:

Newsletter “Migration and Population” and the related information portal
Learning Center on Migration and Human Rights
Debating series about migration, diversity and immigration societies
Radio Project on Experiences of discrimination and injustice
NECE: Networking European Citizenship Education
DARE-Network: Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe
European Website in Integration (EWSI)

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