European Movement in Serbia

The basic mission of European Movement in Serbia is to influence the public in Serbia to commit itself to building a democratic pluralist society, to achieve equality among people and their communities and to promote the European heritage and values, with support for processes and events in Serbia which will lead to this.

The EMinS, works from a starting point of complete respect for human values, freedom, the establishment of the rule of law and an appreciation of cultural differences, along with the values on which the Council of Europe is based.

In co-operation with all who support these values, the European Movement works for the establishment of political and other conditions for the accession of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Serbia to the European Union. This presumes the re-establishment and normalisation of the ruptured relations with European countries, especially the republics of the former Yugoslavia.

The European Movement pays particular attention to working with young people, so that the concept of European integration and the civil society may be spread among those who will in future be responsible for the development of a democratic and prosperous Serbia.

Goals of the European Movement in Serbia Full and equal membership of our country in all European institutions and organisations Support for spreading the concept of European unity in Serbia by promoting cultural, political and economic co-operation among the citizens, peoples, ethnic comunities, regions and states of Europe , in order to establish Federal States of Europe A democratic and federal Europe based on the rule of law and social justice, with the ability to protect and develop human rights Influencing public opinion towards sustaining democratic transition of Serbia.