EUSTORY, the history network for young Europeans, currently connects 18 civic organizations from 18 European countries. The mandate of EUSTORY is to view European history from the grass roots and to recognize the vast diversity of experience. Opposing the abuse of history as an ideological weapon, EUSTORY emphasizes the view of history as a workshop for intercultural understanding in Europe. This view is laid down in the core document of the EUSTORY network, the EUSTORY charter. EUSTORY is therefore not only a meaningful initiative of historical grass-roots work in Europe, but also makes an important and pioneering contribution to European efforts toward peace and tolerance.

Since the EUSTORY network was founded in September 2001 on the initiative of the Hamburg-based Körber Foundation, some 90,000 youth have already participated in EUSTORY history competitions with about 40,000 contributions. In addition to those involved in the individual national member organizations, there are about 2,000 teachers, experts, scholars and volunteers who give their time to EUSTORY and its projects.