School for Migrants

By the number of refugees per total population Serbia is the first among all other European countries, but that problem has been tackled in terms of »putting the fire out« – through urgent measures and programmes that have been proved as insufficient. Overcoming the problem of migrations and a set of human misfortunes they include requires a more thorough, interdisciplinary and systematic approach.

Therefore, Group 484 has conceived an education programme aiming at increasing informativeness and understanding of migrations, interdisciplinary approach to this phenomenon and education of young people to be dealing with it in the future in a professional and socially adequate way.

The expert team of the project is comprised of individuals who have professional references in the field of migrations and experience in modern skills of conveying knowledge (lawyer, political scientist, sociologist, philosopher, anthropologist, historian, and economist). In the first phase of the project, the team will create a collection of texts and working materials that will be used in the school for migrations.