Climate changes migration

Director: Franziska Keller, Germany, 2011, 13 Min.

Climate change is particularly drastic for states like Bangladesh or the Netherlands - a great share of the land is located under sea level. But how do people in both countries deal with this threat, in the rich Netherlands and the developing country Bangladesh? The Netherlands build dikes, polders and barriers and are thus relatively well protected against the impacts of climate change. For many people in Bangladesh, often only one option is left - they set out for finding another livelihood elsewhere.

Climate Refugees

Director: Michael P. Nash, USA, 2010, 95 Min.

Filmmaker Michael Nash investigates mass migration caused by our changing climate.

Someplace with a Mountain

Director: Steve Goodall, Micronesia, 2011, 21 Min.

Activist, Sailor, and Filmmaker, Steve Goodall left the U.S. in 2004 on a 34-foot sailboat. Twelve thousand miles and four years later, he came upon a group of remote Atolls in Micronesia, so beautiful they took his breath away. The last village of ancient seafaring Lapita Navigators, living on these pristine Atolls, are losing their homes and crops because of sea level rise. Their livelihood and culture are dramatically threatened as their islands are flooding day by day.

Sun come up

Director: Jennifer Redfearn, USA/ Papua-Neuguinea, 2010, 38 Min.

The movie tells the story of the first climate refugees from Papua New Guinea. Soon, the Carteret Islands won't be habitable anymore, so a group of young island dwellers is forced to go to the mainland. There they want to ask for a piece of land for themselves and their families to find a new home.

There once was an island

Director: Briar March, New Zealand, 2010, 80 Min.

The inhabitants of a low-lying island in the Pacific risk losing all their belongings in case of the island’s submersion as a result of global warming. Will the local people stay on their island or move to Papua New Guinea, leaving their country and their culture behind?

Part I: Bangladesh: Rising tides force climate migration

Director: Harriet Grant, John Domokos and Tanjilur Rahman, Great Britain (The Guardian), 2009, 9 Min.

Climate migration has already begun in Bangladesh. In the first of two films, two families struggle to cope with their new environmental reality - one abandoning the village, the other struggling on against the tides.

Part II: Bangladesh: Down and out in Dhaka

As they escape the flooded south, Bangladesh's climate migrants struggle to cope with life in the world's fastest growing city.